For alloy wheel refurbishment - Rimstock is the only British company to offer Original Equipment standards to restore your alloy wheels to 'like new' condition.

  • Rimstock is sole provider of fully certified services to the modern OEM and in motorsport.
  • We convert corroded and kerbed OE wheels to first-class standard with complete service.

Working with OEM head offices and direct with the dealer networks, we offer a complete alloy wheel refurbishment solution satisfying both the dealer and the consumer requirements, ensuring everyone has the best service possible.

No job is too small or large. We have experience of refurbishing wheels – from unique priceless collectors cars, private individuals - to major international vehicle manufacturers and importers – who want large scale solutions for refurbishment and logistics.

Motorsport Alloy Wheel refurbishment

Of course, with our motorsport eminence, we are the first choice for race car manufacturers and teams who require complete technical inspection for high value products.

All sizes and makes of motorsport wheel can be inspected and renovated including Touring car, GT, Sports prototype, Single seater, Drifting, Rallying, Rallycross, Historic, Single make championships, Auto test, Track days and more.

Rimstock is the premium manufacturer and re-work specialist of alloy wheels in the UK.

In addition to cosmetic refurbishment, a full technical inspection and analysis is available for top teams and companies requiring that service.

For more information either email or visit our dedicated website:

Team Dynamics Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alternatively exchange your current alloy wheels at:

Here are some examples of our recent refurbished wheels 

Restoration FAQ

Do you remove unsightly kerb damage: scrapes, scuffs and scratches?
All kerb damage is removed by hand or using our automated CNC machines depending on its severity.

What if my wheels are corroded, blistered or oxidised?
All corrosion is removed from the alloy during the stripping stages and once recoated and laquered will be completely sealed to prevent further oxidisation.

Can you refurbish 2 and 3 piece wheels?
Yes, all wheel types can be accommodated and are completely disassembled, refurbished and reassembled.

Can you refurbish machine faced wheels?
Yes, complete and part machined wheels can be repaired and refurbished.

Do you remove the existing paint finish?
Yes the wheels are completely stripped back to the alloy, repaired if necessary and repainted through a multiple paint application process.

Can you match my original paint finish?
We have a range of colours which will closely match your original paint colour at no extra cost. An exact paint match is available for an additional cost.

Can my wheels be refurbished in a different colour?
Yes, they can be refurbished in a wide range of colours including black, gold, white, anthracite and many more.

How long is the process?
The process varies dependent upon the finish and condition of the wheels, typical lead times are: Refurbish only - 5 working days; Refurbish and repair - 6 working days.

Will you fit new tyres to my refurbished wheels?
Yes, we have a full tyre sales and fitting service and can offer a range of tyres at highly competitive trade prices.

Can you supply spare wheels while mine are being refurbished?
Yes, in most cases we can supply ‘slave’ wheels for you to use while the refurbishment is taking place. A deposit may be required.


Rim Technologies is the largest, fully independent wheel testing facility in the UK. The service is used widely by vehicle manufacturers, development facilities, as well as accident and crash investigation organisations.

  • The test facilities can cater with all rim widths, with diameters from 10” to 24”
  • Standard Load: Typically for testing of passenger vehicle, race car and motorcycle wheels
  • High Load: Typically for testing of commercial, defence, security, trailer and caravan applications
  • We can incorporate any PCD or Centre Lock wheel fixing
  • Testing can be tailored to meet any Standard including specific Automotive OEM, TUV, JWL, INMETRO etc. All test work is covered with a full test report

For further information or quotations please click here and complete the contact form selecting Wheel testing in the category range

Independent wheel testing facility - summary

  • Any wheel material - aluminium, magnesium, carbon fibre
  • Any size 10” to 24”
  • Any combination – Passenger Car, commercial, motor cycle, race car, defence sector
  • Any fixing – Centre lock or multi-stud PCD fixing
  • Any scenario – Whether testing new development, or appraisal from accident damage
  • Any standard – German TUV, JWL, including tailored packages
  • Certification endorsed and supplied

Testing Pricing 

Item Description Price
1 Radial Fatigue (up to 500,000 cycles)
Cost to set up and test first sample
Cost to test repeat samples
Cost per day after 500,000 cycles

£378.00 each
2 Cornering Fatigue (up to 500,000 cycles)
Cost to set up and test first sample
Cost to test repeat samples
Cost per day after 500,000 cycles

£378.00 each
3 Impact Tests - Front Flange or Rear Flange
Cost per sample
Cost to test repeat samples

£141.00 each
4 Torsional Fatigue
Cost to set up and test first sample
Cost to repeat samples

5 Dye Penetrant Crack Detection £60.00 / check
6 Additional Technician Support £150.00 / hour
7 Paint Stripping £13.20 / wheel
8 Spectograph Analysis of Alloy £125.00
9 Hardness Test of Alloy £100.00
10 1000 Neutral Salt Spray Test
Additional cost per 500 hours
11 Humidity Test £395.00
12 CMM Dimensional Checks £150.00 / hour
  • All prices exclude VAT, work carried out subject to Rim Technology's standard Terms & Conditions.
  • All prices quoted include a Rim Technology Test Result Sheet, incorporating colour photographs, and detailing test conditions and results obtained.
  • Repeat samples are those supplied at the same time as the first sample, for identical testing.
  • Adapters and moment arms made as necessary would be charged extra.
  • Tyres to be supplied by the customer or charged extra.
  • Delivery and collection to be arranged by the customer.
  • Rim Technology reserve the right to alter test charges at their discretion
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